Pre-planning of funeral services

Pre-arrangement is the complete planning of funeral services before they are needed. They can be planned for oneself and one’s family members at a convenient time by contacting Charlene Winfield Capuano or Thomas Winfield to discuss selection of merchandise and services. You are under no obligation at this time.

There are two ways to make arrangements for this important service in advance of need. One is simple pre-arrangement, and, the other is pre-financing of merchandise and services.

Simple Pre-Selection Of Merchandise And Services

In order to pre-arrange your funeral a record of your preferences for funeral service and merchandise is recorded with our funeral home. At this time, your wishes regarding the type of service you want, and casket selection are all documented. The funeral home will keep these files on record for you and your family. It’s important to let your family or confidant know of these plans so that in the event of your death they can make the necessary call to the Anderson-Winfield Funeral Home.

Pre-Financing Of Selected Merchandise And Services

In most cases, it is possible to place funds toward payment of a funeral into an irrevocable trust account where it will accrue interest which will help offset inflation. The funeral director, with whom you are recording your wishes will determine the value of the funeral you have chosen at today’s costs. If costs are paid in full they will be in a guaranteed trust account — meaning there will be no additional charges at the time of death if services are rendered as initially planned; In some cases, the trust is revocable — meaning that funds may be withdrawn by you at any time. At the time of death, the funds in the trust will be surrendered by the funeral home and used to provide pre-arranged services.

An irrevocable trust must be set up when a person enters a nursing home in Rhode Island. The Rhode Island Department of Human Services requires the burial contracts to be irrevocable in order to be in compliance with state regulations.

The Advantages of Pre-Arranging and Pre-Financing

There are a number of reasons why pre-arranging can be advantageous:


First of all, pre-arrangement answers many, important questions survivors have at the time of death about what the deceased would have wanted. The recorded preferences of the deceased give survivors the assurance in time of loss that the funeral is one which complements the life of the decedent and also meets the needs of the survivors.


Pre-arrangement also takes the burden of decision off survivors at a time of grief, when reason is clouded and the most sincere desire to create a meaningful tribute can result in emotional overspending. With the pre-set plans as a guide, survivors can memorialize the decedent in a way that reflects their memories without unreasonable expense.

Pre-financing has the added advantage of setting funds aside which will usually accrue, valuable interest over the years. This interest will help offset the cost of the funeral when death does occur; and ease the financial burden that can beset unprepared families at a time of loss.

Funeral Pre-Arrangement | Funeral planning funeral services RI

In Case of Changes

If for any-reason it is necessary at the time of death that part or all of the funeral preparations take place at a funeral home other than the one you have pre-arranged with records of your preferences will be transferred. If there are funds in trust, they will be paid to the funeral home which is actually providing the services.

Pre-arranging or pre-financing a funeral is easy. Simply ask one of the funeral directors here at Anderson-Winfield Funeral Home to meet with you and discuss the choices.

Things to Consider When Pre-Arranging or Pre-Financing

Remember that funerals are for the living. It’s important that your family members are not only aware that you have pre-arranged funeral services, but have been actively involved in the pre-arrangement of the services. Take into consideration the effect of all planning on survivors, and seek to meet their emotional needs as well as have your own wishes carried out.

Face funeral planning realistically. Because the nature and circumstances of death are unknown at the time of pre-arrangement, some facets of your planning must be on a tentative basis.

Also, consider the economic advantage of pre-financing. A well thought-out pre-financed plan is to your advantage, and to the economic advantage of your survivors at the time of your death.

Charlene or Tom will guide you through all the necessary arrangements to assure that you have attended to everything you need.

We would be happy to answer any of your questions that may not be addressed on our website just email us at or call us at (401) 949-0180.

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What Our Families are Saying

The Winfield Family has helped me thru both my Dad, and most recently my Mom’s funeral services.  They helped us to make Mom’s service a nice event in spite of the Covid-19 restrictions.  Wonderful job done by Charlene, Tom & the staff.

I would without reservation recommend this family. They displayed the utmost respect for my father and family. My father looked beautiful. At a time of confusion and extreme grief, they coordinated every aspect of the services from transport to obituary to death certificates and everything in between. I didn’t know the first thing about organizing any part of a funeral. I am grateful for their organizational skills, professionalism, patience, understanding, and direction. Thank you Suzy Quattrocchi

The Winfields of Greenville are an icon in our community.everyone knew their dad and these are kind reverent people.i thank God for tom and charlene especially..the last responders are the best!!!